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24 - 5'11" - Female - England - BED- Depressed And Anxious But Working On It - On The Lighterlife Diet - CW: 282lbs - SW: 331lbs- HW: 347lbs - UGW: Til I'm Healthy

Starting Measurements: 59-47-59
Current Measurements: 49-37-49

15.01.2014: 331lbs (23st 09lbs)
22.01.2014: 322lbs (23st 00lbs)
29.01.2014: 325lbs (23st 03lbs)
05.02.2014: 317lbs (22st 09lbs)
12.02.2014: 315lbs (22st 07lbs)
19.02.2014: 314lbs (22st 06lbs)
25.02.2014: 312lbs (22st 04lbs)
05.03.2014: 311lbs (22st 02lbs)
12.03.2014: 309lbs (22st 00lbs)
19.03.2014: 308lbs (21st 13lbs)
26.03.2014: 307lbs (21st 12lbs)
01.04.2014: 302lbs (21st 08lbs)
09.04.2014: 301lbs (21st 07lbs)
16-04-2014: 298lbs (21st 04lbs)
23-04-2014: 298lbs (21st 04lbs)
30-04-2014: 295lbs (21st 01lbs)
07-05-2014: 294lbs (21st 00lbs)
14-05-2014: 293lbs (20st 13lbs)
21-05-2014: 292lbs (20st 12lbs)
28-05-2014: 291lbs (20st 11lbs)
04-06-2014: 290lbs (20st 10lbs)
11-06-2014: 290lbs (20st 10lbs)
18-06-2014: 289lbs (20st 09lbs)
25-06-2014: 289lbs (20st 09lbs)
02-07-2014: 286lbs (20st 06lbs)
09-07-2014: 284lbs (20st 04lbs)
16-07-2014: 283lbs (20st 03lbs)
23-07-2014: 282lbs (20st 02lbs)

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